¿puedo llamarte luego?

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¿puedo llamarte luego?
could i call you back?
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Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: (auxiliary verb, defective) To know how to; to be able to.

Example: She can speak English, French, and German.   I can play football.   Can you remember your fifth birthday?

Definition: (modal auxiliary verb, defective) May; to be permitted or enabled to.

Example: You can go outside and play when you're finished with your homework.   Can I use your pen?

Definition: (modal auxiliary verb, defective) To have the potential to; be possible.

Example: Animals can experience emotions.

Definition: (auxiliary verb, defective) Used with verbs of perception.

Example: Can you hear that?.

Definition: To know.

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Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: Something that could happen, or could be the case, under different circumstances; a potentiality.

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Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: The name of the Latin-script letter I.

Example: the position of an i-dot (the dot of an i)

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Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A telephone conversation.

Example: I received several calls today.

Definition: A short visit, usually for social purposes.

Example: I paid a call to a dear friend of mine.

Definition: A visit by a ship or boat to a port.

Example: The ship made a call at Southampton.

Definition: A cry or shout.

Example: He heard a call from the other side of the room.

Definition: A decision or judgement.

Example: That was a good call.

Definition: The characteristic cry of a bird or other animal.

Example: That sound is the distinctive call of the cuckoo bird.

Definition: A beckoning or summoning.

Example: I had to yield to the call of the wild.

Definition: The right to speak at a given time during a debate or other public event; the floor.

Example: I give the call to the Manager of Opposition Business.

Definition: An option to buy stock at a specified price during or at a specified time.

Definition: The act of calling to the other batsman.

Definition: The state of being the batsman whose role it is to call (depends on where the ball goes.)

Definition: A work shift which requires one to be available when requested (see on call).

Definition: The act of jumping to a subprogram, saving the means to return to the original point.

Definition: A statement of a particular state, or rule, made in many games such as bridge, craps, jacks, and so on.

Example: There was a 20 dollar bet on the table, and my call was 9.

Definition: The act of matching a bet made by a player who has previously bet in the same round of betting.

Definition: A note blown on the horn to encourage the dogs in a hunt.

Definition: A whistle or pipe, used by the boatswain and his mate to summon the sailors to duty.

Definition: A pipe or other instrument to call birds or animals by imitating their note or cry. A game call.

Definition: An invitation to take charge of or serve a church as its pastor.

Definition: Vocation; employment; calling.

Definition: A reference to, or statement of, an object, course, distance, or other matter of description in a survey or grant requiring or calling for a corresponding object, etc., on the land.

Definition: (prostitution) A meeting with a client for paid sex; hookup; job.

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Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: (heading) To use one's voice.

Definition: (heading) To visit.

Definition: (heading) To name, identify or describe.

Definition: (heading) Direct or indirect use of the voice.

Definition: (sometimes with for) To require, demand.

Example: He felt called to help the old man.

Definition: To announce the early extinction of a debt by prepayment, usually at a premium.

Definition: To demand repayment of a loan.

Definition: To jump to (another part of a program) to perform some operation, returning to the original point on completion.

Example: A recursive function is one that calls itself.

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Phonetic: "/jʉː/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To address (a person) using the pronoun you (in the past, especially to use you rather than thou, when you was considered more formal).

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Phonetic: "/jʉː/"

Part Of Speech: pronoun

Definition: (object pronoun) The people spoken, or written to, as an object.

Example: Both of you should get ready now.

Definition: (reflexive pronoun) (To) yourselves, (to) yourself.

Definition: (object pronoun) The person spoken to or written to, as an object. (Replacing thee; originally as a mark of respect.)

Definition: (subject pronoun) The people spoken to or written to, as a subject. (Replacing ye.)

Example: You are all supposed to do as I tell you.

Definition: (subject pronoun) The person spoken to or written to, as a subject. (Originally as a mark of respect.)

Definition: (indefinite personal pronoun) Anyone, one; an unspecified individual or group of individuals (as subject or object).

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